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I can’t find my camera.

Help! My camera is lost somewhere in my new house and I can’t take photos of all of the projects we’ve been doing. Ack! A picture is worth a thousand blogs.

I guess you’ll just have to read and imagine the wonderful things we’ve been doing around here…

We spent the weekend in Michigan with K’s folks and his BFF. On Wednesday night we drove up to Grand Rapids. I had a lovely day with Ma V on Thursday shopping for home items and a dress for my baby shower on Saturday. Girls, you are going to LOVE it! On Friday, we drove further north to Traverse City. Traverse City is so green. If you know me and my love of trees, you know I heart that place! The weather on Friday wasn’t great, but we managed to find time to enjoy a sunny boat ride, a delicious dinner and a bonfire. Saturday was absolutely perfect and we even got a little sun. Alas, we had to leave to get home and do some work.

On the drive home from Michigan, we saw the coolest thing. As we were entering Indiana around 9:30, we were able to see fireworks going off from all of the towns along the Interstate. Now, I’m not sure that this is the safest time to drive since all of the people on the road are also trying to see the fireworks and they aren’t paying attention. But, we had fun!

Sunday, we got an early start. We picked up a new vanity for our basement bathroom, a mirror for our upstairs bathroom, and a bunch of paint (including nursery paint!). We had one of those 10% off coupons for Lowe’s. It was awesome! If anyone has any other home improvement coupons they aren’t going to use…please send them along to us.

When we got home, K ripped out the 40 year old vanity in the basement and got to work trying to figure out how to install the new one. Of course, it isn’t going to be as easy as we thought!

While he worked on that and mowed and trimmed around the yard, I painted the nursery. It’s a beautiful color of pistachio green. I LOVE it. Ok…time for my piece about painting while pregnant. Thank you to all of the well-meaning people who are concerned for my unborn child. However, painting with latex paint while pregnant in a well-ventilated room is perfectly fine. The major danger of painting during this time is falling off the ladder and injuring yourself.  If you don’t believe me, google it. Seriously! And, although I do appreciate the concern, there is no way I’d do anything to harm our child. So, please let it rest!!!

Enough about that! On Monday, my Mom and Stepdad came and helped us again. It was awesome! We painted trim in the nursery, bathroom, and upstairs guest bedroom. A also helped clean up the place a bit. Since they have an gigantic mini-van, they were able to pick up our patio furniture on the way in. To celebrate, K grilled the most delicious BBQ Chicken for us and we ate using the new table and chairs. Unfortch, the mosquitoes decided that we looked like a delicious feast and our dinner was rather rushed.

Well, hopefully I’ll find my camera soon so I can post photos of the upstairs bathroom makeover and all of the progress we’re making around here. Luckily, if I don’t find it by Friday, I have a certain camera-happy mother-in-law visiting us and she always has hers… :)

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  1. You guys are busy, busy, busy! I can hardly wait to see your home. It’s just going to be beautiful! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend! :)


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