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Showered with love and little birdies

My wonderful friends K, M, and Q threw me the most amazing baby shower on Saturday. I am touched by their thoughtfulness and overwhelmed by the sheer adorableness of it all!

When I told the girls that the nursery was going to be decorated in greens and blues, they took off with a color palette for the party. The darling invitations set the tone. They were created by my good friend and business associate, Lynda Junge from Greenstar Creative.

My Baby Shower Invitation

My Baby Shower Invitation

Then, without even knowing about my new birdie blog…they came up with a bird-themed shower. How perfect is that?! You know you have good friends when they can read your mind. It was the most darling theme I’ve ever seen. And, yes…we’re having a boy. But, I’m still a girl! They did a great job of making my party a balance.

Quinn, who is practically a professional photographer, took great photos of the event. Here is a shot of the sweet little nests that were at each place setting. The eggs are Jordan Almonds.

The bird's nest with "eggs"

The bird's nest with "eggs"

Here is a roomshot that shows the chair covers and centerpieces. Wow!!

The adorable set up at Meg's

The adorable set up at M's home

Look at the handwritten place cards. I wish I had handwriting like Q’s!

My place card

A place card

Here is the delicious spread. Everything was absolutely wonderful!

The yummy eats

The yummy eats

And, the dessert! All of the ladies were raving about it.

Delicious desserts

Delicious desserts

Here are some shots of me opening gifts. The gifts were just too much! I can’t believe how generous everyone was. Our baby boy is going to be set!

Quinn's touch on her card

Quinn's touch on her card

 Leah gave baby his first Illini item!!

B gave baby his first Illini item!!

Kabe calls the baby "Bort" after a Simpson's episode...oy!

K calls the baby "Bort" after a Simpson's episode...oy!

Darling diaper cake from Kim...look at the monkey ribbon!

Darling diaper cake from K...look at the monkey ribbon!

Here are a couple of special photos. If you haven’t heard, our baby is going to have many friends. Look at all of my girls! Fun fact, most of them are having boys, too!

Melissa (9/09), Meighan (9/09), Me (10/09), Andi (11/09), Sarah (11/09), Leah (12/09), Kristie (2/10)

M (9/09), M (9/09), Me (10/09), A (11/09), S (11/09), L (12/09), K (2/10)

And, the excited Grandmas-to-be…

The Grandmas!!

The Grandmas!!

I can’t thank my friends enough for planning a memorable shower. As soon as I get a copy of the slideshow they made for me (Yes, a slideshow! They thought of everything.), I’ll try to post that!

Love you girls!!!


  1. Yah! We are so excited that you loved the shower! We really enjoyed putting this together for you and today seems a little boring with nothing to plan!

  2. What a beautiful party! I wish I could have been there!
    PS. Cool dress

  3. Thanks!! We missed you, but I was so happy to have just seen you two weeks before. It was like you were there… :)

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