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Happy Anniversary, mk!

It’s hard to believe it was only three years ago that we were dancing the night away with our friends and family, toasting our leap into married life. What started with a dream wedding has only gotten better as time goes on. It is our hope and goal that “the happiest day of our past…[continues to]…be the saddest day of the future.”  (That was my high school yearbook quote. I was so wise at 17!)

With this in mind, today  seems like the perfect day to start documenting the next phase of our journey…Parenthood and Homeownership in Suburbia. Only a few short months ago, this type of life seemed like a prison sentence that we’d never subject ourselves to willingly, but now we’re beyond-excited for the big change. Don’t get me wrong, we thoroughly enjoyed being yuppie city kids without a care in the world and plenty of time for our hobbies of eating out and sleeping in. But, now the world is going to be bigger than the two of us.

We wanted to start this blog to share a little peek into our lives with you, our friends and family. We hear that becoming parents is hard work so we’re definitely going to need your support, reassurance, hugs, and love in the upcoming years. Hopefully by reading the daily ins and outs of our family, you’ll feel more connected to us and our cozy little nest.

m (and k)


  1. Welcome to blogging! I subscribed to your RSS feed, and am looking forward to spying on your life through the computer :) Congrats on everything baby-wise! Love -Mike

  2. Perfect time to begin! It will be fun getting updates from you this way! I’m new to this so be patient! Love ya, Ma VB

  3. We thought you’d like it!

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