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Family Resolutions

I have never been a big maker of new year’s resolutions. Maybe that’s because I spent years making the same resolution to lose 15 (or 20 or 30, depending on the year) pounds by eating no carbs and working out for 2 hours every single day. And, big surprise, I spent years not succeeding in losing a single resolution pound or spending more than a few hours in the gym.

Anyway, this year I am going to make family resolutions. These are things that I can do to help make our quality of life as a family a little better every day of 2011.

#1: Eat more meals at home. Toward the end of 2010, we really got lazy. We were eating out more times a week than I can count. So much that we couldn’t physically eat at home because we weren’t really grocery shopping enough to come up with a meal in our own kitchen. It’s a vicious cycle. I’m happy to say that on this, the 3rd day of 2011, we haven’t yet eaten out. Woo hoo! To make this resolution a little more fun we created a “Jar of Savings.” Each time we have the opportunity to go out to eat, but we decide to come home and make the meal ourselves, we put a slip of paper in the jar with the date, meal, and estimated savings. It’s going to be fun to see how much we think we’ve saved at the end of the month.

$40 of savings already!

#2: Spend more quality time as a family. During the winter, it’s difficult to get out and do things together so we end up watching tv at home on the couch while Noah plays. Let’s turn off the tv and play together! Let’s invite friends and neighbors over. Let’s head to museums and find opportunities for fun outside the house. Let me know if you have any ideas for us!

#3: Make our house a home. I’ve been working on this project for a while, but there’s just so much more to do. We’ve lived in our house for a year and a half. It’s time to give it personality and style. And, if you know me at all, you know the second half of that statement is “without spending a fortune.” I’d also like to get better organized. Every time I organize something, it makes me feel happy and calm. Imagine how happy and calm we’d all be with a pretty, organized, and stylish home!

#4: Stop buying things we don’t need. This is very objective since I can make a case for “needing” just about anything. But, I just mean that I plan to take a breath before buying and consider whether we really need the item. I am pretty good at this in general, but we all can use a reminder to think about what we’re bringing into our homes.

#5: Spend educational time each day with Noah. Often, I am so wrapped up in daily maintenance activities around our house that I forget the most important part of my job. I do a great job keeping my son happy, but I’d like to spend more time on educational activities to give him an advantage once he gets to school.

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