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Quick De-clutter: Linen Closet

I’m taking baby-steps to get our ready for another baby this year. Here’s a little quick-fix that makes me happy every time I open the linen closet door.

An organized linen closet

Step-by-step 20 minute cleaning plan:

1) Take everything out of the closet and sort into piles: 1) Toss 2) Keep here 3) Rags/Painting 4) Store elsewhere

2) Move the “store elsewhere” items to their new home. I decided to move the linens for the guest bedroom into the guest bedroom where there is more room. I stored the clean linens inside a pillowcase that we don’t use anymore to keep them fresh. You can add a fabric softener sheet, if you want.

3) Move the Rags/Painting items to their new home. I saved all of the old sheets that we won’t use on our bed for drop cloths for painting. We’re always painting something! The towels that aren’t fresh-looking went to the rag pile.

4) Throw out all “toss” items.

5) Take all paper products out of their wrappers. Don’t toilet paper and paper towels look sort of elegant when they are displayed without the ugly wrapper? I put the tall paper towels on the top shelf, organized the tp and the kleenex boxes on the second shelf.

6) Re-fold your sheets (wash them, if you’d like) and towels and store like-colors together.

7) We had a bunch of light bulbs to store, so I put them in the basket on the bottom.

Looks great, doesn’t it? Now, when you have to change the sheets, at least you get to pull them out of a clean, organized space. Trust me, it’ll make you happy-ish.

(Oh! I did this when we first moved in, but adding shelf paper is a nice touch. I suppose that takes this from a 20 minute project to a 30 minute one…but it’s worth it!)

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