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Quick de-clutter: Jewelry Storage

I’ve been frustrated with the mess in my closet. Yes, my clothes could be folded in a more orderly fashion in my drawers and I could organize my hanging clothes by color…but the “quick” de-clutter was the yuck on top of  my dresser. I have to preface this by saying that I hardly ever wear jewelry. That is probably why my jewelry storage has become a complete disaster area, looking like this:

Junky Jewelry & Purse Storage

Closeup of the MESS

Thanks to a $7 hook purchase, it now looks like this:


I could have purchased a jewelry storage system or created something girly and fabulous, but that wouldn’t have been “quick.” I simply hung up my necklaces, weeded through my earring collection, color coordinated the purses, and moved my bracelets to glass vases that I already owned. Viola! Another twenty-minute organization project is complete.

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