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Slow week for projects

This week was looong. Noah was sick with a double ear infection that seemed to really turn him into a grump. This was him most of the week:

Noah has been whining a lot.

He pretty much wanted either nothing to do with me or he didn’t want to let me go…I loved all of the extra hugs, but my back is killing me!

Anyway, this week wasn’t all that productive. I did manage to do one thing that makes me happy (in addition to our new light). Our master bathroom is pretty high on our list of t0-dos. It is stuck in the 60s. The sink is in our bedroom and the shower/toilet is in a separate area. It’s actually pretty convenient when living with a toddler, but not very pretty. Anyway, the shower stall is a complete disaster, so I put up a shower curtain that I already had over it. Looks better to me!


  1. Update! Noah is feeling much better and he has even started opening his mouth for the twice-daily medicine doses. He will drink the ammoxicillin if we clap and dance and make a big deal out of it. Hey, whatever works! :)

  2. Glad to hear the little dude is feeling better! Your blog is so…professional? Polished? Perfect. Please stop posting so I can get some work done!

  3. Thank you!

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