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The Great Stroller Debate

My hubby and I are having a debate about our stroller. You see, I found a GREAT deal on an amazing stroller…so I bought it.

Check out the Bumbleride Queen B:

Bumbleride Queen B Pram

Bumbleride Queen B Pram

It even comes with a bassinet for Baby V when he’s tiny and a toddler seat for when Baby #2 comes along!

Bumbleride Queen B Bassinet

Bumbleride Queen B Bassinet

Bumbleride Queen B Toddler Seat

Bumbleride Queen B Toddler Seat

I think that it’s a great system, but I do see K’s point. He thinks that it’s too large to use in practical everyday applications like shopping. He’s concerned that the turning radius is not tight enough. (He’s analyzed it like the engineer he is.) I showed him how to easily pick up the front wheels to change direction, but he’s not buying it. It’s also quite heavy at 35 lbs. But…It’s so gorgeous! I can just picture myself strolling through our new neighborhood next Spring with this “pram.”

I think we’re going to try to sell it on Craigslist. I’ll be so sad to see it go, but I want him to be happy. He’s certain that we need to get the BOB Revolution. He’s probably right. Would it be so bad for us to own $1500 worth of strollers? ;)


  1. The toddler seat looks like a great feature! I must say though, we do love our BOB Revo! :)

  2. Oh the “pram” does look adorable and I can picture you strolling thru your neighborhood! I am still a big fan of the travel system….easy for when the babies are still small you just take directly from the backseat to the stroller without ever taking that baby out. We have not tried our smaller stroller yet.

  3. I know! I hope we get to keep it. Although, judging from the complaints about packing it up today, I’m not sure…

  4. Too bad that “cheap” is relative when it comes to this stuff!

  5. I just know we’re going to end up with it, too!

  6. We had a bumbleride too…although not the pram style one. I ended up selling it for the BOB which is the best stroller ever! Believe me you will not be disappointed. Unfortunately it isn’t quite as cute as the pram.

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