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Our Five-Month DIY Plan

Today we sat down and mapped out the next five months of our lives. We’re looking at spending a lot of time on our house. I’m so excited to dive right in and to start seeing the progress, but I’ve first committed to de-cluttering and paring down the “stuff” in our home. I am planning on finishing this huge project by March 1.

I am going to channel Amy Matthews!

While I spend every naptime for the next 6 weeks working on my project, we’re also going to accomplish quite a bit in the evenings and weekends. We talked about all of the important items we’d like to finish before July (when we’ll be blessed with another family member and we’ll be getting a lot less sleep). We decided on a few big projects and ruled out a few others. We gave each item a rough timeline and budget…It was invigorating to see how much we could accomplish in a short amount of time if we focused our efforts. But, it was overwhelming to think about how much each little project adds up money-wise. Luckily, I’m married to a handyman extraordinaire and I’m quite the painter and bargain-hunter myself.

Here’s a big-picture idea of what we’ll accomplish in the next five months.

1) Utility Room (February/March): We’ll finish the wiring, ceiling, walls, floor, and install cabinetry. We compromised on keeping our existing washer/dryer, but we’ll get a temporary countertop so I can have a new project desk and utility sink. A real sink! Not an icky plastic one like we currently have.

2) Entryway (February/March): We’ll put up beadboard wainscoting & trim, paint (stay tuned for a cool idea for a magnetic chalkboard wall and DIY growth charts), get a bench, install hooks (after taking down some support beams and making the space structurally sound)

3) Nursery & Noah’s Room (April/May): Replace the drafty windows, take out the carpet/refinish the *hopefully* hardwood floors underneath, add new trim and doors, paint and make pretty

4) Family Room (February): Finish the trim and painting in the newly renovated space. Maybe I’ll reward myself with some DIY curtains and pretty bamboo shades when the project is complete!

Those four projects are going to take most of our “free time” in the upcoming months, but our home is going to be so much more functional and fabulous when we’re done. Who wants to help? We pay in beer and pizza!

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  1. I would love to help! I can help paint! Crafty or just plain walls!

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