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Weekly Menu: January 17-21

This week I’m planning on making three meals for dinner. Today is a free day! We’re having leftovers from lunch (at Wildfire with my mom)

Tuesday: Fish Tacos (we always try to have “Taco Tuesday” just to make things easy)

Wednesday: Coconut Chicken Cutlets with steamed green beans and baby spinach salad

Rachael Ray's Coconut Chicken Cutlets

Thursday: Chicken Parm Toss with baby spinach salad

Friday: Leftover Chicken Parm Toss

Not bad! I should be able to get everything we need for this week at Trader Joe’s except for the unsweetened coconut and pineapple preserves for Wednesday’s dinner.

For my lunches this week, I’ll make a salad out of the coconut chicken and have a leftover fish taco.


  1. I started doing weekly meal plans last Fall and it saves us time and money. We are less liely to eat out if I know we have a meal planned or leftovers that will get thrown away. I’ve used the weekly meal planner in Every Dy Food mag. That has given us new ideas for delicious meas. I also do at least one crock pot meal a week or try to cook during naptime. It is difficult to watch the girls and cook at the same time. I aso will make a yummy soup on Monday for me to eat for lunch all week. It is too cold and rainy for salads this time of year. My resolution for the year-pay attention to our grocery budget, clip coupons and meal plan according to sales and coupons. So far so good. I’ve started reading coupon blogs and it has opened the world of couponing to me!
    Just a few suggestions:)

  2. Hi Megan! I love it!! I’m going to email you to get some more ideas…

  3. Have you seen Rachael’s new “Week in a Day” show on Cooking Channel? I’ll bet that has some great inspirations!

  4. I have! Love the concept, but the recipes don’t look very tasty.

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