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DIY Crib Skirt Inspiration

I spent hours looking for a cute crib skirt for Noah’s nursery in 2009. It seemed that everywhere I looked, I could only find full crib sets. I didn’t plan to use the comforter or the crib bumper, so that seemed to be a waste of $400. I wish I would have made my own skirt! I found a cute set that I am happy enough with, but the skirt was never quite right. When Noah was young and we had the mattress up high, it didn’t touch the ground. Now that the mattress is on the lowest setting, the skirt is too long and it looks sloppy.

I’m planning to follow Sherry’s easy instructions to make the correct size skirt for the new nursery and Noah’s new bedroom. Hooray!

Look how cute hers turned out:

Sherry's No-Sew Crib Skirt

I love how simple it is to shorten when our new baby starts pulling up! I think I’ll use Heat N Bond to shorten the current skirt tomorrow. I’ll post before and after pics!

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  1. Let me know how that goes. Since we had to lower Brooklyn’s mattress early, we barely got an use out of the skirt. We have it off now cause it was too long. My mom made curtains out of Zach’s for his room, so another suggestion.

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