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De-Cluttering: Clothes & Closets

Today I tackled an area of clutter I have been avoiding…My closet. It’s not that this is a difficult task, I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to get rid of. I have a habit of buying the wrong thing, wearing it twice, and then getting rid of it right away while holding on to clothes I’ve had forever. Today, I wasn’t ruthless, but I did try to consider my lifestyle and the types of clothes I want to been seen wearing in public. Do I really need all of those faded long sleeve tees? Will I really wear those too-short designer jeans next fall?

Since our closet is on the small side, I have been keeping out of season, up-size, and maternity clothes in tubs in our guest bedroom. This is the bedroom that we’re going to move Noah into in a few months, so it makes sense to start moving myself out of that closet little-by-little.

Here is a collage of the messy process:

Before and during the de-cluttering

The green basket contains some of the clothes I’ll be donating to Goodwill…If you see anything you like, let me know.

Here are three shots of the “after.” I don’t know if you’ll see much of an improvement in my closet, but I organized it by shirt style. I also pulled out a bunch of one size bigger jeans that I’ll be wearing soon. It is nice to give everything a little refresher every once in a while.

The orgainzed and labeled tubs

My "new" jean collection

Tops, organized by style

So that’s the organization project of the day. Tomorrow, I’ll tackle the pantry. Again. It seems that I have reorganize the pantry monthly. I should do it weekly, but that’s just ridiculous!

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  1. You should find a consignment shop and try and get some money for those clothes!

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