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Weekly Menu: January 24-29

This week I’m taking on the challenge of using a lot of the food in our freezer and pantry. Exciting, I know.

Monday: Frozen cheese pizza with added basil, tomato, and sun-dried tomato served with baby carrots and ranch

Tuesday: We’re hosting a co-worker of my husband who is a vegetarian. I’m going to make this Lemon Basil Orzotto and swap out the chicken stock for vegetable stock (which is the only ingredient I’ll need to buy!). I’ll serve it with Lemon Butter Green Beans with Pine Nuts. Since I have to go to the store to get the veggie stock, I’m going to pick up some portobello mushrooms to roast for our main dish.  Should be tasty!

Wednesday: Leftover/Frozen Crab-cake mac n cheese (If it’s not edible, I’ll move Thursday’s meal up) and spinach & arugula salad with candied pecans and dried cranberries

Thursday: Whole Wheat Spaghetti with pesto, shredded parmesan cheese and sausage. I have some frozen broccoli that I’ll serve with steamed baby carrots for a side.

Friday: If my Dad is visiting, I’ll head to the store! But, if not…we have a few chicken breasts in the freezer that I can serve with brown rice and frozen spinach. I’ll make it interesting!

Saturday: My Mom is visiting! She is trying to eat a lower-carb diet. I found a great recipe in Health Magazine for Melon and Steak with Smoked Paprika Dressing that I would love to make. It sounds so interesting that we have to give it a try. That’ll take a trip to the store, but she’s going to love it.

Melon and Steak with Smoked Paprika Dressing


  1. Sounds great, Meghann. Send me to the store!

  2. YUM! These are inspiring for me! Love the clean the pantry/freezer recipes. Well done!

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