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Noah: 16-Month Update

This post is for Great Aunt Debi who is wondering about her adorable Great Nephew, Noah. Noah can’t wait to come see you in May!

20 minutes with Noah

Noah is 16 months old. He is running, talking, and mostly taking one nap a day. He is a very picky eater who prefers his food cold and crunchy. He really doesn’t like veggies, regardless of how I try to disguise or flavor them. He loves “mumins” (muffins), so maybe I’ll sneak some spinach into them next time. I’m always trying something crazy to get him to be a healthy eater like me. He is very independent and prefers to use a spoon to feed himself his daily yogurt.

It seems like Noah tries a new word every day. His new favorite word is “ELMO!” He says “ELMO!” with ten times the enthusiasm as all other words (except “cracker”). His favorite TV show is Sesame Street, of course. He watches it while I get ready in the morning. He also loves for me to look up funny videos on You Tube. Noah loves a bright yellow “duck.” So, he really enjoys the silly “Duck Song.” In addition to the “duck,” he likes dogs. Noah calls them “woowuf.” Love it!

Noah can identify his head, his nose and my nose, and daddy’s nose…it’s a fun game. He also can identify my eye. Ouch! We are only days away from getting pink eye, unless we do something about this! Hopefully he’ll move on to something less painful like toes. He laughs every time I sing him the song “Head, shoulders, knees and toes.” Lately, he has been trying (unsuccessfully) to put on his own shoes and socks. At least he knows where they go!

What else? He’s getting in a bunch of teeth, which he brushes twice a day with his “ELMO!” toothpaste. The only way he’ll show me is if I make him laugh and then I can see inside his mouth. Speaking of laughing, if you ask Noah if he’s silly, he’ll scrunch up his face into a big goofy grin.

Ahhh…what a cutie pie. We’re having a blast together these days. He is making friends with some of the neighborhood kids during our weekly Thursday afternoon playgroup. Noah isn’t great at sharing (he’s been known to try to pull a kid off a toy he wants…ugh!), but hopefully he’ll learn someday. We sure are giving him ample opportunities! I joined a gym with a kid’s club so he can have fun while I work out. So far, I’ve never successfully made it through a workout without being called to come get him because he is crying. I swear they are pinching him! He loves, no…LOVES Thursday morning PDO. It’s a program through a local church called “Parent’s Day Out” that gives us mommies a break for 4 hours and gives our kids chance to become independent and play with other kids. Before we are even out the door dropping him off, he has forgotten about us.

Some of his favorite toys are rocking horses (“neigh”), blocks (“box”), books (“buk”) especially the ones with buttons or flaps, trucks (“trucks”) especially BIG ones, and puzzle pieces.

Noah loves to Skype, so give us a call if you would like to play!


  1. Wow, he’s such a smart little guy. I’d take you up on the Skyping offer, but Nanda and I are stranded from technology for a month and the slow library computers are our only connection to the world.

    Your pictures look great as always. Keep them coming, and keep on bloggin’!
    Uncle Mike

  2. Wonderful update! Noah is such a cutie. We should definitely Skype. Love, Aunt Debi and Uncle Ron

  3. Speaking of Rachel Ray earlier…did you see the segment she had on supertasters?
    Keep sneaking new things into Noah’s food!

  4. Man! I just deleted that one. I watched the first part of it and then became distracted. I have heard Dr. Oz talk about this with kids…how kids are pretty much supertasters. Everything is very powerful on their tastebuds. I’ll see if I can watch it online. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Mike-Let me know as soon as you are back to civilization and we’ll skype!

  6. Hooray! I’m glad you saw your post. ;)

  7. Thank you for sharing. By the way, why is my comment awaiting moderation? This is the first time I’ve commented on a blog, so I’m not familiar with the guidelines.
    Aunt Deb

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