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Weekly Meal Plan: February 8-12

This week got off to a slow start because I was away for the weekend (yay!). We’re going for a convenience theme in this week’s meal plan.

Tuesday: leftover chili from the freezer with corn muffins (made fresh today)

Wednesday: salad with turkey meatball subs (frozen TJ’s meatballs, jarred pasta sauce, and brown & serve baugette)

Thursday: salad with ham and sweet potato fries (LOVE homemade SP fries)

Friday: Real Simple tofu stir fry with rice noodles

I have all of the ingredients for the week, except for Friday’s veggies and tofu.

Friday Night Make-Your-Own-Take Out


  1. Fun! Do you have any dipping sauces planned for your sweet potato fries? I did curry ketchup and sriracha lime mayo for the Super Bowl, but they might not be very Noah-friendly….maybe homemade honey mustard?

  2. Do you follow a recipe? Did you see I signed up to bring these to Feb’s Supper Club? Tonc – can you send me the mayo recipe? YUM.

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