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Finally! The Dresser is DONE

After two weeks of work and lots of drying time, I have finally finished the dresser project for Noah’s new bedroom. I am so happy with the way it turned out! Unfortunately, I don’t have a great “before” photo. I have to get better at remembering to take them. It’s so much more dramatic and exciting to see the before and afters!

Here is my detailed step-by-step in case you’d like to tackle your own project…

1) First I spent some time cleaning up the dresser and filling in the chipped corners with wood filler.

Here you can see the dingy yellowed "before" color, as well as the chipped corners













2) Then, I primed the dresser and drawers with my new friend, Stix.

Give this water-based primer a try!










3) I primed the entire dresser with one thin coat of Stix and let it cure for 24 hours. I would recommend reading the directions on the paint can before pouring it…I had to google the drying time!

The drawers have been primed with one coat of Stix

















4) The next day, I painted the dresser with two coats of Behr Premium Ultra Satin Enamel paint color matched to Benjamin Moore’s “Bird’s Egg.” I added Floetrol to the paint to minimize the brush strokes and I think that made the paint go on even more smoothly. To help speed up the drying time after I was done, I had my little space heater out in the garage to keep the temperatures up. I wouldn’t recommend painting in the garage this time of year without one. It was COLD! And, the paint typically needs to be in an environment of at least 60 to dry properly.

5) While the dresser was drying (and everyone in the house was sleeping), I tried out Brasso for the first time. It was a miracle worker, but very smelly. Next time, I’ll enlist some help for this step!

Before and after the application of "Brasso"











6) I let the paint dry for 24 hours and then taped off the raised edge detail on the drawers. I painted it with about 4 coats of semi-gloss paint, using a foam brush. Before the final coat was completely dry, I removed the tape and did touch ups.

7) At this point, I wasn’t sure what to do. I didn’t love the way the dresser looked after the paint was dry. It looked like an old, beat up dresser with pretty new paint (lipstick on a pig?). I felt like I was trying too hard to make an old piece look new. After much consideration, I decided to embrace the age of the dresser and do some antiquing. After a quick google search, I found out that I could use Minwax stain over the top of the paint to create an antique-looking glaze. This is such an easy trick! First, I roughed up the surface by sanding the edges a bit to let the natural wood peek through. I used a cotton cloth and rubbed Minwax Provincial #211 onto the finish in small sections. I wiped it off as I went until I achieved the perfect shade. (Full disclosure: Since I’ve been completely scatter-brained this week, I accidentally used a different shade of stain on the dresser than I did on the drawers! I picked up Minwax Jacobean #2750 and finished one side of the dresser before I caught on. Whoops! I don’t think you can really tell, luckily! Note to self: READ the can before opening.)

8) After I finished the antiquing, I waited a few days and then applied two coats of Minwax Polycrilic, sanding between coats with 220 sandpaper and wiping with tack cloth. (Don’t forget that when working with paint and stain, you need to ventilate! I had windows open, fans on, etc. I also used water-based materials that were low odor to begin with.)

Without further ado…here is the finished product!

The beautifully antiqued final product!












Get ready for your close-up

Project Cost Break-down:
$75 Craigslist Dresser
$15 Quart of Behr Paint
$6 Minwax Polycrilic
$4 Brasso
$1 Foam brushes
$4 Sanding block
$7 Delicate painter’s tape

Already had:
White semi-gloss paint
Awesome Purdy and Shur-line paint brushes
Minwax Stain

Total Cost: $112




  1. Looks amazing! So professional and you did it on the cheap! I am impressed!

  2. Very elegant, nice work as always Meg.

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