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Guest Bedroom Project (Before)

Last week I decided to revamp our lower-level guest bedroom. It had become a dumping ground for everything in our house that didn’t have a home. To top it off, we also have been slowly selling our over-sized office furniture on Craigslist. Everything that was inside the desk, shelves, and filing cabinet was out in the open and piled on the bed. Here is a peek at the embarrassing Before from last month:

Now, imagine it ten times worse! This was the state of affairs before we dove in. On Sunday (of last week) we took absolutely everything out of the room and the closet and pulled a “Clean House” style makeover. We made “donate” “toss” “move” piles before putting only the necessary items back into the space. I took about nine paper grocery bags full of office supplies and home decor items to Goodwill that afternoon!

After finishing the re-org and putting Noah to bed, I decided to give the room a fresh coat of paint. Luckily, I’m a speedy painter and I finished before my own bedtime. I spent the rest of the week picking up the perfect bedding and accessories for our “Grandparents” themed bedroom. We really wanted an inviting place to welcome our guests (who are usually our parents) and convince them to stay a while to babysit. We wanted the room to be a relaxing retreat for grandparents at the end of a busy day of play. The project needed to be finished by Friday night because our first guests, Handy Hubby’s parents, were set to arrive to help with another HUGE project this weekend. (Will post about that ASAP)

As soon as we get the electricity back on in the bedroom (related to the HUGE weekend project), I’ll post my fun After pics. I think we managed to give the bedroom a little bit of style for hardly any cash (about $350, not counting the bucks we earned from our Craigslist sales). I also did a few fun DIY projects, including an upholstered headboard (LOVE it) a pillow made out of an Anthropologie tea towel, gorgeous blue lamps, and a distressed photo frame. I’ll try to post Before and Afters as well as instructions for all of those easy, peasy projects to inspire you.

Have a great week!



  1. More Huge projects; what could be left I wonder? Something in the basement probably. You need to admit that you’ve taught Noah how to paint–that’s your secret, isn’t it!

    Awaiting pics,
    Uncle Mike

  2. Can’t wait to see photos of the “new Grandparents” room. Are great aunts and uncles allowed to use it? We are so looking forward to seeing everyone next month. Oh My Gosh! – it’s next month!

  3. Of course Great Aunts and Uncles are invited to the room! I hope to get the lights back on in there soon so you can see the cute space. We can’t wait to see you next month!!

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