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Guest Bedroom Project: Blue lamps

Since I can’t seem to take any good photos of the entire guest bedroom (lights are still off), I’ll just show you how we completed some of the fun DIY projects.

One of our "new" brass lamps from Goodwill

First up are the matching lamps that flank the sides of the bed (with the new headboard). I found a pair of matching brass lamps at Goodwill for $6.99 each and decided that they had potential. Here is the ugly before:














It looks chic, even with just the primer!


First we sprayed two coats of Valspar Primer (pictured above) on the lamps. See?

















The color is much deeper in person


We got antsy and started painting before allowing enough drying time. It made the paint bubble. Be sure to read the instructions on the can!

One tip that I had for spray painting in the winter (cold temperatures also make the paint bubble) is to put a space heater in the garage to keep the temperature warm enough so the paint can cure. We warmed up the lamps before painting and kept the heater running for at least 2 hours for each coat.







LOVE it!



Two coats and a few touch-ups of Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in Satin Lagoon later and we have a pretty pair of lamps!

I’m thinking about adding coordinating ribbon to the shade to jazz it up a little. We’ll just paint the ribbon to match and hot glue it to the shade. Look for the finished product in the “after” photos (whenever I can take them) of the entire room.


I love this rich turquoise! A tip to coordinate the room is to find a couple of other accents to paint the same color. We now have a matching collage photo frame and a photo matte to help tie the look together.

Cost breakdown:

Lamps (Goodwill): $15
Shades (Target): $26
Paint (Menard’s): $4

Total for the pair: $45


  1. You are so talented! Come live with us for a few months. Our house is a lump of potential looking for a decorator.
    Love you all!

  2. They look great Meg. Nice writeup too. I might have to do something like that to the brass lamp that I have in storage (aka mom’s basement).

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